Content Drip Feed

Hi there,

I currently use the Patreon Plug In to manage my drip feed content. But I find it very clunky especially with the site disconnecting often from Patreon etc, I have even lost a member or two due to frustration over their login process.

Is Patreon considering adding to their platform the possibility to drip feed content based on lifetime support?


  • I would like to create a post with Patreon Only content.
  • The Post is then locked behind a support value rather than a Patreon tier.
  • Once a member has supported me for that value they then are able to unlock the post and any content attached to it.


  • My Patreon does not need to log into two different platforms to obtain its rewards
  • Patrons stay on my Patreon page rather than having to navigate two different websites.