Patron Plugin Pro now provides Content Drip Locking

Patron Plugin Pro, a premium addon for Patreon WordPress, now provides Content Drip advanced locking option:

With content drip you can release patron-only content over time and encourage long time patronage. It is a very good way to reward patrons and incentivize long time patronage of new patrons.

When a post is locked with content drip, you provide a lifetime pledge amount that a patron must have before accessing that content. Ie, if you lock a post for $50 with content drip, a patron must have paid $50 to your campaign up until today.

Which means that a new $5/month patron would be able to access that content in 10 months, whereas a $10/month patron can access it in 5 months. Whereas a $2/month patron who has been your patron for over 3 years would immediately qualify for access.

Content drip is especially good for series of content - for example you can gate the episodes of a short story series, a webcomic or episodes of a teaching course in staggered manner - $5 for the first episode, $10 for the second, $15 for the third and so on. This would incentivize ongoing patronage and also slowly drip content to new patrons.

Overall, content drip is a good way to reward long time patrons and encourage new patrons to stay with your campaign longer.

Content drip locking method is available in 1.4.9 version of Patron Plugin Pro, so if you have an older version, you will need to update your plugin.