Editing Audio Post on Phone Breaks the Post (Deletes the Audio)

Hello there’s a really awful bug that messes with my whole post super bad and I want to message someone to get it fixed eventually I hope? Me and my friend could re-create it and I don’t want this annoying awful thing to mess with anyone else working on Audio projects. I’m also not sure if I put this in the right category but I hope so, sorry.

The Bug
Basically the bug is that for an audio post it DELETES the whole audio and just has the preview image super big and you CAN NOT add the audio file back. The post basically turns into an image post and you can not add audio or videos or anything anymore, deleting all your hard work and you cant fix it without making a new post which is extremely un-optimal. You have to add your audio file into the attachment segment of the post.

How To Re-Create It
So basically I made my audio post with my image on it and everything and posted it that was fine (From my PC). The next day I edited the post on my phone and I didn’t touch or EDIT ANYTHING, I just pressed save and edited which tiers of person could see the post and THAT’S IT (I ticked one box and saved the post literally that’s all I did). This resulted in my whole audio file being removed from the post and it only showed the preview image really big, and there is no way to add it back or make it the same as before. My friend did these steps and the bug happened to him too.

A Fix
I just want it to be made so this wont happen at all because it shouldn’t even be an issue, or at least make it possible for me to change the type of post I have by editing it so I can at least add my audio file back like before instead of it being permanently broken or I just have to make a new post. I just want to be able to at least add my audio back on to the post or edit post type to make it the same as before.

I just REALLY want my post to be fixed so its easy to use and people can just listen to it easily instead of having to download it, I don’t know why this breaks the post or why I can’t fix it or change it back, but all I want is to be able to do that, I hope someone can get around to sorting it out.

If there is someone I can message / email at Patreon I couldn’t find a way to contact any kind of support but please let me know if I can so I can do that, I’d like to show them my exact post I’d like to get fixed too but it’s NSFW so I don’t want to openly link that kind of thing.

Let me know if anyone can help with this or how I can fix it if it’s possible, I tried everything I could think of atl east, thank you!

You should take this issue to Patreon’s zendesk i believe:


Okay thanks a bunch I’ll try get it on there when I can! x

Hey, sorry, I tried to have a look at that Zendesk thing and I couldn’t find a section for bugs / issues where I could make any kind of post or contact anyone, just premade posts that talk about other stuff. If it’s not too much bother could you help me a bit more on where I can make this post? Thank you x The site is just a little confusing for me to find what I need.

Placing the ticket in the section which you find most fit would work i believe. They could move it to wherever they see fit.