Error communicating with OneDrive API

The connection wizard gives this answer Error communicating with OneDrive API: The state’s redirect URI must be set to call obtainAccessToken().

I’ve deleted from the API, ran the wizard agian and same issue.

Confliction somewhere?

To clarify:

You are trying to install Patreon WordPress and connect it to Patreon, but you are getting an error about OneDrive API while going through the setup wizard?

Yes, I get it when trying to use the setup wizard. It’s also the error you get when if you try and access the patreon pages.

Do you have a plugin that integrates onedrive to your WP site? If so, can you disable it and try running Patreon WordPress setup wizard again?

This will give clues as to whether there’s any conflict. If you can easily connect to Patreon after disabling the onedrive plugin you may have, then it may be that Onedrive is interfering with oAuth flow.

Nope, I have nothing that integrates OneDrive.

Crap. It was my WP Media Folder. Hmm, trying to find a work around.

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