How to access data for a separate campaing?

I would like to offer some services on my website that are exclusive to a certain tier levels of my campaign. One creator with their own campaign is supporting me a lot and i would like to offer his patrons access to some of the services I offer.
Is it possible to access patron data of their campaign?
Thank you

If you have those creators ‘connect’ their accounts at your site to their Patreon accounts (like how the WP plugin does), you can acquire creator access tokens for each individual creator and you can access their campaign data.

You will likely have to create different redirect uris for each creator. ie /creator1/routing /creator2/routing etc.

thanks for your reply, but i was afraid i was going to do that :x
at that point wouldn’t it be simpler if the creator made a separate client and gave me the access token?

A lot of hassle. You couldnt have such an app scale. Manual processing of credentials. You will have a lot of explaining to do to non technical creators, having to answer many questions regularly - ‘Whose credentials’ ‘Which app? I dont have an app’ ‘You mean, i create an app? Where?’ and the like…

Spin up a fresh WP website somewhere and install the WP plugin via plugin admin after typing ‘Patreon Wordpress’. When you activate the plugin, a setup wizard will kick in, and help you connect your account to Patreon. You will see how it does not require any technical knowledge.

Doing something like that will bump up the usage numbers of your app greatly. You can check WP plugin’s code and adapt the logic which handles auto-creation of app credentials from there.