Connecting my remote web developer

Hi guys,

I want to give my out of state web developer access to connect our Wordpress website to the Patreon plugin. Last time I asked someone to log into the Patreon to look after it while I was in the hospital, we were all blocked.

How can I get my webby to do the work needed without Patreon thinking it’s a hack? Is there some way to tell you they are authorised or something?


You should be able to create an admin account in your WP installation for your developer already.

However you will need to provide him the Patreon API client details from your Patreon account. You should not give access to your Patreon account to someone else.

If necessary, he can create a new account at Patreon and pledge to you from that new account (to a post that is locked for $1 or similar), in order to be able to test what he is doing.

She is much better that this stuff than I am.

In that case, can you please give a breakdown of examples of what is meant to go in the create client 0Auth section? I cannot figure it out myself. I put this in and it rejects it.

Almost ok, but the ‘redirect uri’ field must be copy/pasted exactly from the ‘redirect uri’ field which shows in your Patreon plugin settings page at your website.

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