How to access information about my patron's patrons

What we need is that when we receive a signature from user A, get the pledge events from subscribers of this user A who signed on our platform in realtime using webhooks or through the API

User A is the highest level patron (level 1)
User B becomes User A’s patron (level 2)
User C is patron of user B (level 3)

User A needs access to user C’s pledge events (via hooks or API)

Thats not feasible. You would need access to the campaigns of A, B, keep those campaigns’ info in your db, and when C becomes the patron of B, get the info from the resulting webhook post and match it across the campaigns to detect the pledge event.

Additionally its a privacy risk, since C does not authorize A to access his/her info at any point. It would bring a lot of complicated legal privacy ramifications, so it shouldnt be implemented. Finding a different way to do it without exposing anyone’s data to anyone else would be the route to go.