Invalid api data

One of my members changed the pledge from 15NOK to 5$, and the payment history is saying DOWNGRADED which is false. 15NOK is around 1$ i believe. so 5$ is an upgrade.

I assume, as a result, the api is giving the correct last charge date, but the amount is incorrent and is still 100 cents (1$) for more than 24 hours, and it doesn’t seem it will change. Yes the user is charged and it says “paid” on the page.

In short: User changed the pledge from 15 NOK to 5$ but api is saying only 1$ is pledged.

Can you please take a look into the issue and fix the amount the api is returning?

Thanks a lot!

Is the payment history showing a ‘downgraded’ value, or just the payment amount showing up less than what it should be?

The payment history on the website is showing PAID status with the correct value (after the patreon cut i assume)

Retrieving that member from the api is showing the correct last charge date, but the old amount (100 cents), not the new value (500 cents)

My assumption was that the api is checking 15 vs 5 and deducing it’s less therefore it says “DOWNGRADED” in the history, but the actual cents amount is more

Any update on this? Fixes?

Dm me your campaign url and the email of that member, the api return that you receive for that member, and what shows up exactly (currently) in the payment history of the member at