Is there a master feed/site/blog for all product changes?

As a developer I’m having a hard time staying abreast of Patreon’s product changes. Is there a source or way of viewing all changes and when they came into effect?

Eg: The fact that pausing a pledge was removed as of August 1.

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Hey Nomes, we are constantly iterating and experimenting on the product, there isn’t currently a feed for product updates, but we send emails to all creators about major updates and releases.

Thanks for your question,
Platform Team

Thanks! Would eventually really appreciate a consistent release calendar once features are out of the experimental phase. Currently piecemealing together different info from the product emails, the creator forums, and hangtime.

Noted, I’ll pass on that info to the rest of the team. We do have a change log for the API in our near term roadmap, so keep an eye out for that.