Issue With Having Posts Accessible by Multiple Reward Tiers

Hello PatreonStaff and Community,

I recently wanted to expand my patron reward options as I felt my previous set of rewards I was offering to my patrons was rather lackluster. In that pursuit I had restructured my tiers and adjusted pledge amounts for various rewards. I wanted to reward those who had chosen to support me early on in the creation of my page, so I had established an “Early Adopters” tier that would allow those individuals who had been supporting me from before the changes to maintain a current set of rewards without an associated pledge-price change. However, with Patreon’s current post system being linked to being available to patrons based on pledge amount exclusively and not allowing for multiple separate tiers to be able to have access to posts, this system is not rewarding my patrons in the way that I would like for it to.

Is there any means currently within the system for me to be able to allow a post be visible based on tier name rather than pledge amount? In my case I want my “Early Adopters” to have the same access that my “Silver” patrons have. It would mean a great deal to me if this functionality could be implemented if not done so already as I believe it would be beneficial to creators beyond myself.

Looking forward to your responses.


Hey Mario,

If you wouldn’t mind, would you pass this question onto our helpdesk?

This forum is for developers writing apps on the Patreon API, not core product feature requests.