Link back to original Patreon post?

Is there a way to include a link back to the original post on Patreon?

I would like to do this due to the fact that Image and Video post types aren’t supported via the Patreon API. Most of my Patreon posts are Image or Video post types with very little text which results in my synced WordPress posts not having any real substance on my website, even when unlocked.

While linking back to the post on Patreon is less that ideal it will at least give my patrons access to the videos and images that I post.


Well, Patreon post id is being entered as meta, and technically post url could also be saved if code is modified.

But either of them would require you to pull that info from your db and then show them.

I think it would be great to include the Patreon post URL as well as WordPress postmeta.

I would like to see a setting in the plugin along the lines “Display link to the original Patreon post?” that would automatically insert the link back to Patreon along with the other gated content currently supported.

This is a less than ideal fix and is only needed because Patreon doesn’t support their other post types via the API. However, it is better than synced video and image posts that may contain intro text like “Check out the video” with no way to actually watch the video.


I had no idea that the image and video post types were not supported. That isn’t at all clear on the WordPress page or the Patreon page for the plugin. This information answers one of my questions since I thought it was a bug in the plugin during import for my test posts. However, it’s apparently not…and I am disappointed.

Support for different post types are planned for near future. For now, you can just manually add the video/audio files to the synced posts, until they are supported by the api or the plugin.

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