Make entire site Patron-only with Pledge Level is not working

I was using the same theme given to me by default, cleared the cache, changed browsers, and disabled AdBlock. Cleared Browser cache as well…

I set the amount for $5.
This was originally working but out of nowhere, it won’t work anymore. I had the default plugins like LS cache and patreon plugin and stopped working without adding any more plugins.

I want to put in Patreon exclusive features, but I now have to put them behind a post that looks ugly if all the features have to be behind the post every time.

the theme I’m using is
Twenty Twenty-FourVersion: 1.1

WP 6.5.4 with PHP 8.1.28
Patreon WordPress 1.9.1 with API v2

LS cache

You need to make sure that caching is not interfering with gated posts and showing stale locked/unlocked versions of your posts to you and your visitors.