Multiple Instances of "Sorry this content.."

On my Blog page, I am getting two, sometimes three callouts on the page about “Sorry! This content is for our Patrons who pledge $1 and over!”

Not sure if it’s my theme doing it or the plugin.

Is there only one button? And if you add a special callout from plugin settings, does it appear 3 times too?

There’s only one button, but there’s three to four sentences above it that say the same thing, in the screenshot. I dont have it universally set, just in the settings of whatever posts are Patreon-only.

That’s a weird case that deserves an on-site look.

If you can arrange an admin access for me to have a look at it on-site, it would be great. If ok, please create a new admin account with a strong password and mail it to . This account should be deleted after debugging is complete.