Patreon API 2 and the WordPress Plugin


This might be something already known to the Developers and they might also be working on it, but this is to let them know again. Also, this is for people who will come to this forum asking for the reason why the Patreon WordPress Plugin is not working as it should. The plugin is working normally as long as you use the Patreon API V1.

WordPress Plugin: Version 1.1.2 (As far as I am aware, this is the latest version)

Patreon API: Version 2 (The one released recently)

When you use the Credentials Obtained from the Patreon API V2 (The Client Access and Client Secret) and use it with the Patreon Plugin, it doesn’t fetch Patron Data.

The user above is not just for one user, but at least 6 different Patrons who logged in to the site using Patreon when the plugin was using the API V2. All Patrons who logged in got the same username patreon_
The API didn’t fetch the Name, Email, and unique number they should have. This way, I can’t give Patron Exclusive roles on the site. Other people might use it for other stuff.

The user below with the Name, Email, and unique number after the patreon_ is someone I asked to Log In after I changed the API credentials to the ones I got from V1 (Client Access and Client Secret) and it fetched the data as it should, creating a unique Patron account that I can recognize and give Patron Exclusive Role to. Other people might use it for other reasons.

Where do I find Creators Access and Refresh tokens

Yes, the code which was arranged for v2 in the plugin became outdated with the changes done to v2 api. We are looking into it and it will have been handled possibly in the next version. Until then using v1 is necessary.


I understand that so I am using V1 as of now. Thank you for the letting everyone know.