Patreon Pro no keeping cookie

I just bought and installed Patreon Pro on our wordpress blog. I’m a developer myself so I have a decent amount of comp/coding exp.

All was fine, I needed to test if it would hide things properly, wrapped in the PPP code when you select things you want hidden etc.

So I selected the content, wrapped it using the patreon pro button in the edit bar… chose the tier amount and saved.

As non member I go to look, and it’s hidden as it should be.

As admin of wordpress I should be able to see the post regardless, but at first it was showing me a [video ] tag because I had chosen to hide video. The full txt was visible to me, the video was not.

I deactivated patreon, and patreon pro… and reactivated them, the issue seemed to resolve and now the vido was visible to me as site admin.

So I try a new browser, logged out and I am prompted to sign up as it should. I sign up for a $20 tier when only the $15 tier was needed. I was curious if would work. It takes some time doing the patreon handshake but then it sends me back to the page and it works! great! I see the video is there, and I click the home page to access the post a different way. Now when I click the post, rather than recognizing me as a logged in patreon and knowing it’s already done the handshake with patreon, confirming my tier level… it looks as if I need to sign up again or rather unlock all over again.

Am I wrong to assume as I am logged in, and Patreon has confirmed my tier level… that I should be able to view all $20 and under tiers without ‘unlocking’ over and over?

Now, first please remember that you can post a ticket for Pro issues at CodeBard.

Second - aside from the potential cookie issues which may exist at your site, an important point is what kind of caching you have on your infrastructure and how it is configured:

If you have a caching plugin which is set to cache content for logged in users, then you may experience stale pages even as an admin.

Or, if your host is doing hardcore caching, you may get served stale pages occasionally - this is a large area and it may have many facets depending on how server side caching may be implemented at your host. Especially some hosts cache cookies too - if you are using WP Engine for example, you have to ask them to manually exclude the cookie “patreon_nonce” from your site’s caching. (This wont be a problem with Patreon WordPress 1.2.0 which is about to go out in a week)

And lastly, it depends on ISPs - some isps use caching in their proxies and pages may not refresh instantly - rare, but more common with mobile connections. This is the least possibility. (or the first, depending on how disreputable the ISP is)

Aside from giving a check to mixed protocol urls, cookie domain, please check your caching plugin and its settings. Then post a ticket with your host and ask them about the caching they have - describing the situation.

Upcoming Patreon WordPress 1.2.0 may fix these issues - if not, please revisit your ticket at CodeBard within a week.

thank you for the response. I am hoping the new version solves this because otherwise, this plugin seems buggy. Not saying your pro work, perhaps just the patreon plugin itself.

I appreciate trouble shooting sites with various cookies, caching, hosting… there is always room for error. My site does not use caching, not plugin based or hard coded. The host, is one of the best hosts out there, winning host of the year awards year after year and none of my sites have had issues in the 12 years I have been with them, other than this plugin/cookie issue.

now again, I don’t see it being a patreon-pro issue. I see it being more likely a token issue, but you’d know more so than I.

The patreon api key, i fI login… it almost always lists a different creator access and refresh token. The pugin instantly won’t have the same info, and people aren’t getting in.

“?patreon_message=patreon_nonces_dont_match” in safari or “sorry, aborted patreon login for security because security cookies dont match” in chrome.

with issues like this, that means people don’t get their content and that means people cancel.

of course, not great :wink:

I appreciate your hard work on this Ozgur. Thank you.

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