Patreon subscription keeps declining

(posting this here because patreon customer service is entirely automated and will likely not fix this bug)

I’ve been putting up with this shoddy web/app design for the past year and I’ve been fed up with this complete disregard for user friendliness, I have a subscription that will not stop declining til it fixes itself a few days later, I always have available funds in my account, my bank knows it’s not fraud, and any other possible reason for it to decline is inapplicable. this is entirely an issue on patreon’s end, and to make sure everyone is aware, contacting patreon’s (automated) customer service will not permanently resolve this issue

This forum is for Patreon integrations, integration-using creators, 3rd party partners, developers and the ecosystem in general. You should open a support ticket at for your issue since it relates not to any of these but to the site itself.