Patreon WordPress post sync beta

Yes, when you force a full re-import it will import all posts and create missing ones. And update the ones which can be found if you set it to on.

The latest post not being imported is a bit curious. Ill think about that.

The emailing situation is likely due to something set up at your site - an emailer which mails when a new posts are made probably. Thats not at Patreon or Plugin feature so you may be able to do something about that within that particular emailer plugin.

I wrote a new Patreon post today to see whether - after it pulling one through on am inport yesterday - it would automatically pull a new post through. No luck. A bit stuck as to know what to do now.


Auto-syncing of new posts without starting a new import involves Patreon contacting your site when a webhook (new post) triggers, and informing your site of the new post.

If Patreon is not able to contact your site due to any reason like your host filtering Patreon’s ip thinking that it was a bot or a security plugin or feature at your site preventing it, then the information will not come in.

You can contact your host and ask about this to make sure there is no such security feature that blocks such incoming connections and if so, get Patreon IPs whitelisted.

Interesting. So how do i find out what the Patreon IP address is that I need to whitelist?

Making a support ticket at your host and confirming that they have such security measures in place would be the way to start at this point.

Hi. I think I have fixed it. Used a plugin to put Patreon on a whitelist. Seems to be working.
Many many thanks for your help and patience on this. It is a great facility to have and I am pleased to have it working.
All the very best.

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Ah - if a plugin in your WP installation fixed it by whitelisting, then there must have been a plugin which was filtering connections - like Wordfence or another plugin.

Great to hear you fixed it. Just keep feedback coming if you have any at any point.

Hi. Posted twice on Patreon yesterday and neither of them have pulled through to Wordpress :frowning:

Its possible that Patreon webhook posts came from other Patreon IPs and got filtered.

I created a new website in Wordpress so that I could test it on something with no plugins. When I install it and click the button to connect the Patreon site it shows this error message…
{“errors”:[{“code”:3,“code_name”:“ParameterInvalid”,“detail”:“Invalid parameter for ‘oauth_client_id’: 7800.”,“id”:“b840370e-7136-402b-9a19-666750395137”,“source”:{“parameter”:“oauth_client_id”},“status”:“400”,“title”:“Invalid value for parameter ‘oauth_client_id’.”}]}

Any ideas why this would be?


This happens when you already have an app which uses the redirect uri which that site has.

You should find that app at Patreon apps page and delete it, then it should go through normally.

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Andrew latest state of beta package is below. Adds link post type support. It will be released monday.

Released at github. Downloadable package here.

1.5.6 and it fixes a minor issue with patron only status of updated posts, also adds support for pay per post type patron only posts.

It will be released at WP repo on monday. You can either install the above release per beta instructions or just wait until monday to just update from your wp plugin admin.

Pardon the idiocy, but I’m not even seeing where the IMPORT option is after deleting the original Patreon for WP plugin and installing the beta here (including beta 2).

UPDATE: Cancel – the CodeBard Wizard was updating it and killing the post sync option.

Manual import should be in Patreon Settings menu, at the bottom.

How did Codebard wizard interfere with post sync?

It didn’t “interfere” so to speak, but the Codebard wizard prompted me for a fix once the Patreon plugin was deleted, so not thinking it was necessarily linked to what I had just deleted (doink!) I said, sure, fix the issue, Wizard! Which I obviously did NOT want to do.

Curious if there are any plans or future possibilities of importing the audio that was uploaded in the Patreon post to Wordpress via this same import process.

Ah yeah - Codebard wizard will try to fix any issues with the installation, thats as expected. I will arrange specific instructions for doing beta with Patron Pro in future.

Audio and a few more post types can be supported only when the api starts returning their embed info and linked resources. When/if that happens, we can add support for those types in full. For now, they will come in only as text. But you can attach the file manually to those imported posts in WP post editor.

Much appreciate the reply!

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Post sync is out with 1.5.6 at WP repo now. You can just update from your plugin admin.

Those who downloaded the beta or used the release at github, you can delete your plugin and reinstall it via WP plugin manager again to get the latest state of code. There are some minor fixes in the last state of the release. Github release is also updated to reflect that.