Patrons being able to edit on my website


I logged into my website through the “Patron” button with my admin account by a mistake. For some reason all my patrons are now able to edit my website if they want to. Its like all have been made admins when they log in. Thankfully no one has done any harm to my website so far, but I dont know how I can fix this.

Wordpress wont let me disconnect or reconnect site to Patreon anymore as well.

What can I do?

This is not something that is experienced by other people, so the chances are high that you have a situation with user roles or user login at your site. If you have any plugins that modify user roles and logins, it may cause that. Also any db corruption may cause ongoing issues. The plugin assigns subscriber role to the users, so they shouldnt be able to do anything at your site other than commenting if you turned commenting on. You may check what permissions subscribers have at your site. Or if you have given any specific role to patrons.