Problems with sync

My Patrons tell me that they have a lot of problems to see the exclusive content on my wordpress website :persevere: (and one is very angry)

  1. Basically, some can not synchronize their accounts with patreon (they are already Pledge and have an account on my website, of course)
  2. Others need synchronization every time they access my website.
  3. To others everything works well.

And I do not know why!

Could they be tokens? My creator’s access token has changed. At the beginning, I copy the keys from the page “Clients and API Keys”, but now the tokens of the creator are different :confused: (I’m using the 1.2.0 version)


Its unlikely that it is tokens or anything similar.

Since other people are able to have everything normally, chances are high that the other users are encountering various situations due to their browser/device, or even isp.

Browser caching on some browser/device combinations may be more aggressive. In some cases some isps may be doing caching in their proxy servers, causing stale pages to be served at times. Depends on the quality of isp.

There is also a chance that those users have issues with their cookies due to their os/antivirus setup.

Asking them to try from other devices with other browsers and seeing if the issue persists may provide pointers.

Also, your wp site’s cachung plugin must not be set aggressively. Ie you shouldnt have any option that says ‘cache pages for known (logged in) users’ on etc.