Profile / Pipeline Button Link Not Working Properly

The Put users directly to Patron Pipeline when they click a ‘be our patron’ button is currently not working correctly on my website.

For example Secret Hike: Winter Views, Giant Quarry, Waterfalls, Ruins | Catskills Hiking Trail — the first button should link to my profile, but instead it’s going to the pipeline. (The second button is working correctly.)

Setting is set to ‘NO’ on the back end, but the button is not linking to my profile. Changing it back and forth has no effect.



There seems to be something odd with the JS or HTML/CSS on the site. I cant see any buttons from the start. When I hover on certain sections (partially locked content etc), a button looks like its appearing, but it is cut in half.

In console, some errors with a Jetpack minified JS file and with some CDN/CSS files appear.

Can you attach a screenshot? It’s difficult to know what you’re describing. I’m not seeing those issues in any browser…

When I loaded it today, just one console error came up - but on second loading and when loading by clearing cookies, no errors come up. So that’s good.

Also button images properly appear now and are clickable. The locked content button in the locked excerpt goes to pledge flow. That is how it behaves.

The call to action button at the bottom of the post goes to your profile. That button is the button which you can set to either go to the pledge flow or your profile.

Why can we not get the locked content button to behave the same way as the post button? I would like all buttons to be consistent, and the pledge flow is confusing for users. I want them to see my profile with its levels, rather than a confusing pledge flow form…

It is by design - the gated post interface was made to send users directly to the pledge flow so they can click only twice to unlock a given post/content. Instead of having to go shop a tier, subscribe, and then return to the website. The pledge flow also handles logins - users not logged in are automatically redirected to login and then back to pledge flow

If you wish to customize how that button behaves, you can use a hook and send your users to only your profile. However I don’t recommend that. If you would like to do it, the code is below:

add_filter( 'ptrn/patron_link', 'send_patrons_to_profile', 10, 1 );

function send_patrons_to_profile( $link ) {



This is just very confusing from a sales perspective. Users don’t know anything about pledge flows and many potential subscribers don’t understand Patreon at all. So the weird screen they get for sign-up, is a huge turn-off.

This is often the once chance we have to convert a website visitor into a subscriber.

The problem could be solved with a display that included a) a large button that linked to the creator’s profile and then b) a small link below that button that said “already have an account? log in here” — which is a very common solution to this scenario.

Thanks for your explanation, and for listening.


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You can modify the interface using filters and hooks as explained above - actually you can modify it to the extent that it would have nothing similar with the original. But of course, that would require some work…