Redirect and $ amount are not working as expected

The plugin seems to be working in general, but there are two confusing things happening. First off, I’m doing a test post that is hidden from my blog/newsfeed, but is otherwise public if one searches for it. The dollar amount I locked the post at is $3, which it correctly announces when you go to the page and are not logged in. However after hitting the “unlock” button and logging in, the payment page starts out at $1, not $3. Not sure why that might be, but it could lead to real confusion if people were not paying close attention to the $3 notice.

Secondly, testing with another account that has already donated above the $3 amount, after the login, it took them to the landing page of my site, rather than to the original post. I would assume that the plugin is supposed to be redirecting to the original page, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

I am hoping to drive traffic here asap, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that these two things are easy to solve. Thanks!

UPDATE: forget the thing about the landing page; that was a user error which has been resolved.

Also, I’ve deciphered part of the first dilemma, but there is still something of a mystery.
So, after testing with multiple accounts/situations, it turns out that if a person has not yet become Patron, then the system defaults to showing the $1 amount…but then, if a user selects “confirm” from that, the system will change the dollar/tier to what it should be…

…unless the dollar amount locking the post is off from one’s existing tiers. EX: if I list the price to unlock a post as $4, but my tiers are $1 and $3, it’ll jump to $3…but if I hit “confirm” again, it just reloads the $3 tier…again and again…meaning the plugin cannot handle amounts other than what the existing tiers are…and will only show the right tier amount from the get-go if someone has already donated at least $1 to start off with, prior.

It’s not the worst thing in the world, but assuming folks stick to list prices that match their tiers, it’s still goofy for first-time supporters…forcing creators to have to explain this up front, lest someone be seriously confused and just back away from the process.

One more thing. After running that last test with the $1, $3, $4 thing…I discovered that even though the system just kept showing $3 with no final confirmation, apparently the system considered that a legit $3 contribution! In other words, it processed the membership, but the Patreon page never said so. I got a confirmation email, which is how I noticed it, otherwise that payment might have gone unnoticed in two weeks.

It’s a great first step for this plugin…and I’m grateful to have it…but it still has some bugs.

I was able to reproduce these. I will tell the team today.