Renaming the button ,, Become a patron"!

Can you change the name on my site from the Patreon subscription button “Become a patron” to another name of my choice?
It is not demanding.
Please contact the technical department and get a specific answer.
Very important.

If that one is the button that is added to the bottom of posts, you should be able to change it in ‘Quickstart’ section by uploading or selecting a custom image from your media library.

If its the button that appears on gated posts, you can change it in ‘Customize interface’ section in Patron Pro plugin (premium).

I can change the name to “Become a hero”?

If you mean the text on the button itself, you cant do that without uploading an image which has the text you want. Ie, a new button.

If you mean the text over the button which says ‘Liked it? Support on Patreon’ etc, it should be customizable in the ‘Post Button’ section for the Button plugin.

What size must this button have?
In what program?
Does it matter?
Tell me more.
I’ll change the redirect button to “Become a Patron” to “Become a Hero”.

Size, program, format etc are all up to you. It will just use whatever image you uplod. Logically it should be a size that fits your page.

I got such an answer from Patreon’s support (not technical, it’s “ordinary” help).
How does that relate to what you wrote?
You wrote that you can do it.
Maybe they don’t have enough technical knowledge?

,Hi Karol,

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to change the language on the “Become a Patron” button for specific pages on Patreon.

We’ve discussed adding a feature like this in the past, but it isn’t on our roadmap at this time. While I can’t guarantee that this will result in any changes, I’d be happy to share your ticket with the rest of my team.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with in the meantime.

Warm regards"

Tell or mark with a color and send me a picture of what text/ what I can change on the page.
I will be very grateful for your help

Ah sorry - there has been a misunderstanding: I thought you were talking about the Button & Widgets plugin for WordPress:

It allows you to add a ‘Become a Patron’ button to your website. I thought you were talking about your own website on WordPress, not itself.

At, what technical support told you applies.

If you have a WP site with that plugin, what i mentioned works.

Sorry for the confusion.

Thank you for your commitment.

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