Setup wizard returns error

I’m trying to connect the plugin via the wizard, and I keep getting the error 3 message. I had the plugin working with an earlier build, and set up went fine. I had a database issue with category names and, long story short, it was easier to delete the installation and just begin again.

I know an existing app connection can cause problems, but I’ve deleted the app connection from within Patreon, and it’s still not working. I’ve tried deleting the plugin and reinstalling. No joy there. I deleted the connection data, uninstalled and reinstalled. I’ve even uninstalled and then reinstalled the latest build 1.6.4 from github. No dice. I’m waiting to hear from my host if this is a caching issue. Other than that, I’m stumped. And out of ideas now.

Can you post the exact error message you are getting?

Thanks for the response. I got in touch with my host, who suggested I use wordpress CLI to flush the cache. It worked, and I was able to connect to my Patreon account.

Thanks again. ​

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That cache may create issues with operation of your site if it interferes with your site at this level though. Very odd. Is it opcache or a caching plugin?

I wasn’t using a caching plugin during development, although I will install one soon as I’m nearly done building the site. This was wpcache I cleared with CLI. I don’t understand it either. It’s a brand new site. I’m still working behind the Coming Soon page, and I haven’t launched the site or my Patreon page yet. I will be creating Patreon-only posts on the site though. Fingers crossed going forward. It all seems to be working now.

WP Super cache?

Does it have object cache drop in?

WP Super cache?

I didn’t have a caching plugin enabled, because I encountered difficulty using customization settings for my theme. The theme developer’s help files recommended disabling caching plugins if the change in settings didn’t update on the page.

Does it have object cache drop in?
I think so. The fix suggested below worked for me.

The problems began during customization, when my categories menu items displayed incorrect paths. Instead of siteurl/category/categoryname/, I was getting siteurl/categoryname/, which resulted in 404 errors when clicked. I’ve never encountered this, and there were no answers on my theme developers help files. In hindsight, I think it was possibly a database issue, maybe caused by my having changed category names? It was probably correctable, but I was in a hurry, and didn’t want to figure out how to fix it, and I wasn’t that far into the build. So I used CLI to delete the site and database, and then reinstalled with a new db. This is why I ran into problems with the Patreon plugin. I’d already installed and set it up once.

When the fix for this error suggested in other threads here didn’t work for me, I posted, and then I raised a support ticket with my host. This is the advice I received:

The cache of a Wordpress website would be cleared from within the caching
plugin options. If you do not have a caching plugin installed, it is
possible to flush the object cache in your Wordpress database using the
WP CLI (Wordpress Command Line Interface). You can try using the ‘wp
cache flush’ command :

I wasn’t using a plugin, so I used the wp cache flush command suggested, and afterwards was able to connect the Patreon plugin to my account. So all looks good at present, but I haven’t yet tested the plugin to ensure that it’s working properly.

Well your site somehow uses object cache despite not having a caching plugin. It may be a dreamhost added feature

Locking a post for $1, creating a new test patron account with a different email (same paypal email for payment is ok however), and then trying to unlock your content from a browser which you are not logged into your site as admin can help you test your integration.