SOME patreon backers can't access locked site?

Hello you wonderful people!

I just moved my site from an old host (Bluehost) to a new one (Cloudways). Migration worked great, everything’s functioning normally. However, a number of my patrons are having issues accessing our “rewards vault” page. I tried deleting the connection in the plugin and using the wizard to re-establish a connection, which seemed to work just fine. I’ve instructed my users to clear their cache or try an incognito window. Sometimes they can get in, but sometimes they get caught in an “endless loop” of trying to log in and getting kicked back out. These were users who previously accessed the site with zero issue.

I’ve looked at my connection errors, and haven’t gotten any since I reset the connection with the V2 API. Could this be a cache issue? Any troubleshooting steps? I’ve removed all the rest of my old API keys via Patreon, and now only have one (the new, V2 API)

WP 5.9 with PHP 7.4.27
Patreon WordPress 1.8.1 with API v2

Some more data - seems like users in the UK and Canada can access with no issues, but it’s hit-and-miss for US users. The page in specific is: Patreon Rewards Page | Lords of the Trident

and our patreon is:

If these users were accessing gated content easily while at Bluehost, changing infra may have affected some things. Do you have a CDN or other caching mechanism at Cloudways?

There is a CDN, but I don’t have it engaged. And it’s been a few days since moving over, so everything should be propagated now, I’d assume?

Cloudways has Varnish cache I believe. If its active, it may affect such things, depending.