"Sorry - to connect your site to Patreon you need to be an admin user."

Thanks forthe reply

How could I add pictures to my post or imbed them?

Could you point me to a place with that info?

Thanks again fort your work and help.


For now you would need to add such images - like the main image in an image post - manually by uploading it to your WP media library and then inserting into your local post as a featured image or at the top of post content.

Thanks for your fast reply.

So essentially I would still need to be doing a lot of manual stuff on the imported posts like adding images and changing the category.

Do you have a method for importing posts from word press into Patreon. I am looking to have ONE place only to post things to both platforms.

Thank you again for your help and communication.

I am also having this problem – even after downloading the ‘fix’ version from GitHub.

You can import your posts via the plugin by syncing them. Its just that some post type support like image post types are going to be added in near future. You can currently sync all your text posts, video posts. Image posts not yet supported.

When they are supported in future, you can just start a manual import and they would be updated at your WP site.

If you have this issue, then try installing the latest version of the plugin from your plugin admin. Then emptying all caches like opcache. And then try connecting the site again.