"Sorry - to connect your site to Patreon you need to be an admin user."

Hello-- I’m trying to set up Patreon on WordPress.org and when I run the connection wizard I get the following message:

“Sorry - to connect your site to Patreon you need to be an admin user.”

I am the only admin user on my WordPress site–“Super Admin,” in fact, since it’s a multisite network. I saw another response in the forum that said to try as the site admin rather than network admin, but if at all possible I’d prefer not to have to create a new profile.

In multisite case, the connecting account would need to be the admin of the particular site - the network admin may not appear as an admin for a subsite. Additionally the subsite will be linked to the particular admin user’s Patreon creator account. Also, this is better for security since no kind of intersection in between network admin and site admin would exist over Patreon.

OK, that makes sense–unfortunately, though, I just created a separate admin account for the individual site and am still getting the message while logged in under that account. Is there any other solution?

This may point to a bug. Ill try to reproduce this and update this thread later.

Thanks! Just FYI, I saw there was a new update and tried again on a whim after installing–still getting the same error.

Update did not address anything related to this. That’s why.

Ill update this thread in a few days.