The Login Captcha image test is out of control

hey. I get it. We all need to be concerned with security and whatnot…but…I have never…ever…seen such a high bar set for “loging in” before. Whatever settings this plugin is designed for is asking too much of people. I have a dummy account to test things, and I have had so many image tests in a row…it’s absurd. Nobody in their right mind would sit through this to see what I’m making. This is a deterrent from folks becoming patrons. People will turn away because it’s an absurd hassle. Surely this can be “turned down” a notch. It’s currently at “11.” Can we make it more like “3” please???

The login captcha is not a part of WordPress plugin, but a part of Patreon’s own login system. So we cant control it on plugin side.

It comes from Google as far as i know, and it can put out captcha with different levels of difficulty depending on the user. The captcha you saw may not be what another user may have seen.

Hey, CB–thanks for the input on that. I figured it was at least due to the fact that I was logging in/out more frequently…I’ve seen wordpress do the same thing, so it wasn’t a total surprise…just way worse than I’ve ever seen before. You mentioned that it’s part of Patreon’s own login system, not a plugin thing…so where should I direct a request for an adjustment to that?

would be a more appropriate category i believe.

Right on. Cheers! Thx!