Users created via plugin not receiving email confirmation or password reset prompt

My apologies if I’m missing something silly here but I’ve been struggling with the following. At the moment, here’s what’s happening on my site:

  1. User subscribes to my Patreon.
  2. User comes to my site and clicks Log In With Patreon button. They authorise things as they should and…
  3. An account is created for them on my site and they’re signed in.

That’s all fine but they do not receive any notification to inform them of their user-name/email address and they are not prompted to change their password. When they next try to sign in, they’re confused on how to proceed.

If I manually create a user on my site, they receive an email notification and a prompt to set their password. That’s not happening for users created via this plugin.

Can you help?

They are supposed to log in via Patreon when they try to log in the next time. Doesnt your site have ‘Login with Patreon’ button in your login page or login widget?