What happens when patrons cancel pledge

Hi there,

I can’t seem to find an answer for this, but what happens whenever a user who has previously been pledging, cancels, for example at the beginning of the month like today where people are more likely to cancel, how soon does their access get revoked from the site and for it to recognise that they are no longer paying and so should not get access?


The patron keeps the access as long as the payment period. Ie, if its monthly, until the end of the month. If yearly, end of the year. For campaigns that are not charge up front, the patron gains access at the moment of pledge, and then loses access at the moment he cancels the pledge.

Hi, I actually created a ticket for this with some extra info - Log In and , just waiting on a response.

I have actually pledged myself under another account (pay upfront) and cancelled on 31st, and was able to continue to access newly added content, which was wrapped using the [ppp_patron_only level=“x”] shortcode, right up until this morning (3rd Jan). It seems to now have prevented me from viewing the access, but this is 3 days more access than I would want anyone to have once they stop paying. Is this a website thing or a Patreon thing? I do not have any caching on my site.


There are various types of caches. Your site may not be using a caching plugin, but your host may have Varnish or other type of caching. All the way from there there may be very short term caching done by your ISP (especially on mobile devices) or the device/browser itself may be doing some short term caching. So its hard to say for 100% a cache did not intervene in such cases.

However if you canceled right on the 31st, you may have benefited from a potential grace period that Patreon gives to patrons. (declined cards etc) That may be a case. For testing this, try canceling at an earlier date for this month’s cycle.