Plugin Auth fails if patron pay and then cancels pledge

We have charge-in-front enabled in our page, meaning that patrons that join our campaign are immediately charged. There is an inconsistency in the WP plugin, though.
If a patron join our campaign and then cancel his support, he/she is charged and still has access to the patron-only post. The plugin login fails, though, redirecting to the payment page.

Expected behavior: if an user pledges to a charge-in-front campaign and is charged, the plugin should still validate the login attempt for the valid period.

Every month we have users complaining about this. They don’t want to support us forever. They want to do an one time payment, cancel the pledge and they expect to be able to login into our WP website and still has access to the content since they were charged and they are still in a valid period and has access to the patron-only post.

I believe this can be solved with the total lifetime pledge feature of 1.2.X.

You can set a total lifetime pledge that matches the current level of the post - like, for a $5 post, you set a total lifetime pledge for $5.

This will allow any user who paid $5 and over until that time to access that content forever.