What timezone does patreon use to determine what month a user has pledged in?

I’m having issues with people signing up at the end of the month and potentially being double charged or only getting benefits from the second month due to the timestamp on the pledge events. Pulling data from the API vs comparing to dashboard data I’ve seen a pledge in the early hours of the morning on one day show up in the dashboard as happening on the previous day. Does anyone know why this happens? Am I using the wrong timezone? everything is in UTC as far as I am aware. Is this a Patreon issue or a me issue?


Is the double charging issue happening to your patrons at your Patreon.com page? Or is it only related to the api return and its interpretation at your app/site?

Both. We have a few users that are showing two charges for the 1st on patreon.com, with the API listing the “pledge start” event at times like 4:30 am and the subscription event at 6:59:59

If it is both, then this would be something that likely happens at Patreon side and the api is just reflecting the actual state of matters.

I believe it would be better to contact Patreon help desk with this issue and telling them that there are a few patrons who were charged double due to timezones.