Where do I find Creators Access and Refresh tokens

The plugin has stopped working (people are directed to my Patreon Page not my wordpress site when they try to login to ‘Patreon only’ content) so I’m trying to refresh the tokens.

However, when I log on to the Patreon Clients and API page I can no longer see the Creators Access or Refresh Tokens that I need. (They used to be there I’m sure!).

Where do I find these tokens now?

Do not use the Patreon API 2 with the WordPress Plugin. You can check my post regarding it at Patreon API 2 and the WordPress Plugin
Go to https://patreon.com/portal and open your client. Click on the Refresh Token and wait for a few moments. You will see the new tokens.

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Thanks @AhmadShahzad - and for your very clear diagram. It’s working again now - for some reason the Access and Refresh tokes weren’t showing when I tried yesterday, but as I say all fine now.

Yes, they should be back since last night.

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