Wordpress plugin crashes site

I’ve been trying to activate the Wordpress plugin for a while, but even after updating every single theme, plugin and component of the site, the exact same thing happens:

  • I download the plugin
  • I activate it
  • The site crashes and goes offline completely
  • I go into the server and remove the plugin
  • A few minutes later the site comes back up

I’ve read the one topic here about deleting the plugin and then re downloading but I’m not sure how that works. Do I just do it twice in a row on the server side? can I do it an hour apart? I haven’t tried it yet because when the site goes offline I have to spend an hour fixing things and by then I have to move on.

I know that for some people the plugin works superbly, but this also seems to be a known issue. Does anyone know what is causing the problem? I’d love to met my site and my Patreon working together.

Thanks in advance.

If there is a conflict at your site, redownloading and installing the plugin wouldnt help. Considering how the plugin is now functioning in more than 4000+ sites, this kind of crashing ends up being related to your site and the plugins in it or your web host.

If you can get the error logs from your site control panel or web host, that can help. However don’t post the log directly here, instead DM to me via the forum.

Thanks, I’m going to do this over the weekend so as not to disrupt the site.

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