Wordpress subscribers not appearing in patron manager

I noticed one of the subscribers that appears to have access to my Wordpress site on the “Team” page, doesn’t show up on the “Patron Manager” page on the Patreon site, nor any record of him making payment. It’s been like that over 24 hours now, and I’m wondering if I should delete him from the Wordpress site. I emailed Patreon yesterday and they haven’t responded.

Please remove the personal data of people from your screenshots or censor the personal details (name, email etc). These details are already present in the ticket you opened at Patreon so we have those. No need to post openly here.

If you have a plugin that modifies user metas or something odd went on in the background at your site (due to opcache etc) a user’s meta may have been written to some other user.

Just delete that user from your WP site if the user does not have comments, posts etc at your site. If that patron logs in again, s/he would just use the site normally. All that the patron would notice that he or she having to log in again. So no problem.

Thanks. Already deleted him yesterday. Still haven’t heard back from the ticket and couldn’t wait any longer.

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