The Summary page showing numerous posts and excerpts of their content: with the plug-in, it no longer shows the excerpt, and it does not appear to have a link to the next page of summaries? I don’t want to customize, so updates remain consistent. Is there a way to change these that exists already?

Can you post a screenshot of the situation?

The next-previous page links should not be affected by PW.

Hi Ozgur:

Thanks for your help. I’ll point out that I am relying upon Apple’s VoiceOver text to voice reader, as I’m legally blind, to navigate through these pages, and websites are generally inconsistent in how completely they interact with VoiceOver. Forward and backward links could be there, and just not reading out loud.

We have something like 50 or 60 articles posted, so at 10 a page there should clearly be access to several more pages, most of which are NOT Patreon locked (as older articles are free).

Secondly, I’ll be meeting with the publishing team (who can see) today, but the directional arrows issue seems to me to be separate from the equally important need to have some portion of he article excerpts visible on this Summary page. The default is normally 50-60 words, which is important to our readers, but I haven’t discovered how to return it to this page.



Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 12.28.15 PM.png

That doesnt seem to be a screenshot of your WordPress post listings page. Instead it seems to be some integrated development environment or FTP listing. Or something else.

In any case, the screenshot is too small to make anything of it.

Can you provide a link to your site and its post listings page?


Dear Ozgur:

Perhaps this screenshot is better?

I have determined (with the assistance of sighted people) that the arrows to other summary pages are in fact there, but it still opens for us with the complete lack of the post excerpts, which are important for customers to decide about subscribing/purchasing.

I know that Wordpress has a custom excerpt function, but we didn’t want to mess with the default excerpt that was being produced.

Let me know what you can, thanks!


Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 10.30.31 AM.png

Are you using Patron Plugin Pro addon?

Dear Ozgur:

Is Patron Plugin Pro part of Patreon Pro, I assume? I launched before those upgrades happened, and wasn’t going to change until I learn more about what I’m doing. Plugin Pro is unfamiliar to me.


Patron Plugin Pro is an addon for Patreon WordPress which extends its features. Its not part of Patreon Pro.

For the excerpt situation, can you take a full resolution screenshot of your listing page and upload it in a screenshot hosting place like imgur? For some reason all the screenshots you uploaded are small images which are hard to look into details and see what is appearing in place of excerpts. Either your image processing software or the forum is making them small.


The plug-in was recommended by a Patreon help page, and though I can’t see an actual name for it where I retrieved it from, it could just be called WordPress. However, here is a link to the page from which I got the plug-in


The problem with image resolution is only made worse by the fact that I’m legally blind of course. However, I have taken a screenshot from my iPhone, which says that it’s over 400 kB in size, and it seems to have the portions of the summary page visible on the screen but I’m referring to, the part that no longer has an article excerpt in it.

As a comparison, I will also put a link to one of the un-gated pages which are still available through our word press site:


Thanks again for your help


Ok. Excerpts show in these listings. Is there any link to a listing which has at least one locked post?


Indeed, excerpts are locked. This is intentional. Majority of default WP themes, as well as many themes show full post in post listings. If excerpts were not gated this would expose entire gated post.

I dont know whether we may introduce an option to the free plugin to un-gate post excerpts. But Patron Pro already has such tweaks:

  • It allows you to show post excerpts for locked posts with " Protect Summaries for Patron only Posts in Post Listings" option. Using that, you can show your post excerpts.

  • Additionally it has ‘Sneak peek for locked posts’ and ‘Custom sneak peek for locked post’ features which would allow you to show a sneak peek for gated posts in the gated post itself. Ie, visitor visits a gated post, and he or she sees the automatically generated sneak peek, or the custom sneak peek which you wrote. This also can help your conversions.

To clarify:

Patron Plugin Pro (Patron Pro) is an addon to Patreon WordPress, Patreon’s official WordPress plugin. It extends and adds new functionalities.It is not Patreon’s Pro plan. It is another plugin which is an addon to Patreon WordPress.

The settings i have mentioned can be found in ‘Content Locking’ tab of Patron Pro settings.


Thanks for this!

I’ll point out, as I’m using text to voice technology, being legally blind, I wasn’t distinguishing between Patreon Pro and Patron Pro until you went through the clarification.

I’m on it!


My pleasure.

Please note that you can get premium support with Patron Plugin Pro from its site in case you encounter any issues.