Certain fields in Patreon Pro plugin adding slashes to quotes where quotes are necessary

Is this the correct place to seek feedback for the Pro plugin as well? I hope so!

I just installed it for certain features, but am having a hard time with the “Patron-only Post Summary in Post Listing Heading” section in the settings. There is evidently some PHP escape code adding slashes before my "s in the field, but it’s an HTML field where it would be totally normal to add image and link tags.

The similar setting in the regular non-Pro plugin works fine.


You can open a support ticket for Patron Pro at Codebard site.

That field is not supposed to be a HTML field since WP also strips HTML when creating post summaries to use in post listings. That’s why the field in Patron Pro does not have visual editor. So its expected behavior.

However i think its a good idea to allow HTML in that field. I will add this to next release of Patron Pro.

For now you could go around this by using HTML entity code for quotes instead of the quote itself.


for apostrophe and.

for single quote may do it. Give it a try and lets see if it fixes the issue.

Thanks. The regular Patreon plugin allows html in that field, so I was surprised when the pro would not. (And k can’t seem to successfully disable banner overrides, unfortunately)

I can’t try again at the moment, but I did try yesterday using the " codes &quot and &;8379 or whatever it is and while it dodged the escape, it also didn’t get recognized as html and instead the quotes were left in as part of the addresses once processed, ultimately not working.

I’ve disabled the pro plugin in the meantime and look forward to this fix in the next update. Is there an approximate expected release date?


The regular Patreon plugin allows html in that field

That shouldnt be the same field. The custom banner in Patreon Settings menu of the free plugin is for singular posts. The field in Patron Pro which you mentioned is for individual post summaries in a post listing page.

If you want to use a custom banner with a single post itself, then you can use the custom banner field of Patron Pro which shows up in post editor.

It’s the same. It’s the “Custom Call to Action” banner in the free Patreon settings page. Code with quotes in there works like a charm both when the post is viewed directly and when it is in the blog roll.

I tried re-enabling the Pro version and putting the same code in the custom banner on the individual post, but it doesn’t work on the blog roll. (And only kind of works on the post directly.)

When I tried to use the Pro “Patreon-only Post Summary in Post Listing Heading” section, it was the right place to have it work well, but I can’t seem to fool the escape code.

Do you have an estimated date for the update in which the escape will be removed?

Thanks for reporting. Ill look into this soon. Should be sorted out likely within the week.