Day count is wrong

I’m using Patreon Pro Plugin on my Site and when I activate the option to lock a category and to unlock it after a given time the counting seems off. For 7 days it goes from 0 to - 1 and so on… So the discount starts at 0.
When I lock a single post it works and it is displaying the right number. Discounting from the set value.

Furthermore I’m asking myself where in the database these settings are stored? Because I want to display a lock symbol in my theme according to the post.

Thanks for the help!


The date situation is likely a bug that will be addressed in the next release.

To display a lock symbol somewhere in the text, you can provide the placeholders provided in WP admin → Patron Pro → Content locking. If you want to put it somewhere that is not present in those settings, then it needs to be done with filters.

Thank you for the answer. When can we expect an update?
At this point I find a bit frustrating to have paid for the pro version when it basically is not working the way it should…

Kind regards

There should be an update within a month.