Edit the link in "must be a member" section

Is there any way to change where the link defaults in this section? It keeps going to my personal Patreon account and NOT the one for the company even though the website is connected to the one with the company.

You may have connected your personal Patreon to the site.

No, it is connected to my company account

Can you visit the below page and check how many apps are there? And also how many apps do you see that use this particular site’s domain and redirect url?

I am not able to log into that web address.

Sorry, corrected. Check it out again.

There is one app and that is directed to our domain: tornadotalk.com

And I checked the credentials in your plugin and they match.

I think this is causing issues with Patreon members being able to log into the website.

I have sent emails to you all on this and another huge issues as well. I can start a new ticket if needed.

If you connected your site to your personal Patreon at any point, the site may still keep the info of the old account. You can try deleting all of those clients and connecting your site to your company Patreon while being logged into your company Patreon at patreon.com at the same time. You can use this guide below:

I have done all of this. The problem actually is much bigger now as the Patreon Pro app and the regular Patreon app brought down my website so I had to get rid of them. I have sent endless tickets on all of these matters and no response.

Can you DM me the exact error that you received while using any of the plugins?