Patreon Level section not populating

I’ve been having two problems (they’re probably related) in regard to the “Patreon Level” section for a Wordpress post in edit mode:

  1. The tier/level field at the top never pre-populates with the tiers I have set up in my Patreon account, so I can’t choose anything from it. This would be no biggie if it wasn’t for issue #2.

  2. When I alternatively enter a dollar amount for the monthly membership, it initially saves that number just fine when I save the Wordpress post. HOWEVER, if I later edit the post, and save it again, the dollar amount reverts back to 0…and the post is then visible to EVERYONE who comes to the website. I then have to remember to RE-ENTER the number and save it AGAIN.

This wouldn’t be a huge deal if I were the only person editing the website. But another admin sometimes makes a change to a post (to correct a type-o or something). It then reverts back to zero, and suddenly everyone can see it (until I eventually notice the problem and fix it).

Any help you can give me on this matter would be appreciated. Thanks!

Yes, if the Patreon tiers are not populating, re-saving that form would cause the $ amount to reset.

Can you check developer console while loading that page to see if there are any JS errors happening at your site?

F12 should show the developer console if you are using Chrome, Firefox.

And then clicking ‘console’ tab and reloading the page should show if you have any JS errors.

A major JS error could stop running of scripts, including the code which pulls info from Patreon.


I’m seeing these two warnings, but no errors:

onmozfullscreenchange is deprecated.
onmozfullscreenerror is deprecated.

In this case, your site may be disconnected from Patreon due to app detail issues or similar.

Have you set it up through the setup wizard? Or did you connect it manually by creating an app at Patreon?

I initially installed the Patreon Wordpress plugin back in February. At that time, I went through all of the instructions, and entered all of the Patreon connection settings in the plugin. Everything was working correctly (the amount field loading and saving properly) up until the introduction of the “Require the below membership tier or higher to view this post” field when I updated the latest plugin version. That was a few months ago.

Ever since then, the dollar amount field has been acting up, as I’ve described.

New information: Just now, after reading your post about the website connection, I went to the plugin’s settings in Wordpress and clicked on the “Reconnect site” button. I received this error message: “The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.”

I then verified that the tier and dollar amount fields are still not working.

Can you try visiting your apps page, and delete any existing app created for your site, and then trying starting setup again via:

Of course, yourdomain com should have your own site url.

Same issue here. I think it’s calling some APIs using the original version instead of the V2 file.

The same thing happens when trying to reconnect the site.

First try loading the post edit page by turning on the console (F12 in Chrome/FF) and checking if any errors are reported in ‘Console’ tab.

Any JS errors reported there may break running of the script that populates the dropdown.

There are no JS errors. The error being reporting is from PHP.

That error would definitely help. Can you post it? Or, if you prefer, you can dm it via the forum.

The error was explained above and is due to the wrong version of the Patreon API being used.

To fix the problem visit and generate a new API App but be sure to select v2.

I imagine anyone else having this error has come from the older version of the plugin and was using Patreon API v1.

I had to delete the plugin entirely, generate a new app and then reconnect the two.

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With the latest version of the plugin, you can also just reconnect your site to the api using the reconnect button in the settings. This also upgrades your site to v2.

If you have connected your site like this to the api before and lost connection, you may end up having to delete the existing client as you mentioned, yes.

This will hopefully be unnecessary in near future and you will be able to just reconnect/refresh a connection in 3 clicks.

That doesn’t work because the delete call it does is only in you API2 class and not in the original.

That is correct that it shouldnt work for delete if your site is still marked for v1.

However if your site is still marked for v1, starting reconnect process should just put you to reconnect flow and allow you to create your client without issues. (if it was not created before in that fashion)