Plugin error/posts not importing: "webhook was not found"

Site and plugin configuration
WP 5.9.2 with PHP 7.3.33
Patreon WordPress 1.8.3 with API v2
Patron Plugin Pro 1.5.0
Patreon Button, Widgets and Plugin 2.1.5

Posts have stopped automatically importing. I reconnected the site and the problem persists. When I use the manual import option on the Settings page, this type of error shows up in the health check log.

0 days ago

delete_post_webhook - API v2 Class - UUID de16a1b4-8749-587f-abe4-0af10c7a8600 - 
Response code: 404 Response :
[{"code":4,"code_name":"ResourceMissing","detail":"webhook with
id 370035 was not found.","id":"de16a1b4-8749-587f-abe4-0af10c7a8600",
"status":"404","title":"webhook was not found."}]}

Everything looks good in Site Health.

That may be an issue with post webhook.

Posts are not importing also when you use manual import and keep clicking ‘Import Next Batch’?