Specific levels' posts won't appear at all

Setting a minimum Patreon pledge amount to view posts, and for posts I’ve set for $5, they’re all working fine. But for $10 and $15, the post doesn’t appear at all. Can’t figure out why.

http://ennui.tv/plus/gold/miss2seasonpass is an example post.

Caching may be a culprit. After changing the lock level of a post, it is wise to clear all your cache. Otherwise stale states of a page may be shown to users.

Also there seems to be some issue going on with your theme. instead of showing the post thumbnail, the function name appears - ‘the_post_thumbnail()’.

Possibly in your theme there is an issue with opening and closing PHP tags that that part is not being interpreted as PHP, or, a code file including PHP is being read and printed out by the theme as a string.

Reset my theme’s functions.php and that solved the trick.

As for showing the thumbnail, I think that’s in my functions file too; haven’t had a look. Been trying to show the thumbnail for locked content. Would it be as simple as putting in the thumbnail function in the functions.php file? I thought it was already set up in there but maybe not.

The specific page that should be public now is http://ennui.tv/podcasts/ennuitalk/ennuitalk079

the_post_thumbnail or get_the_post_thumbnail should work for your purposes. But they should be properly put into the theme file, not as text strings like before.

You can google to get details on how to use these 2 functions.