What if Patreon pledged when my access code is wrong?

So this just occurred out of the blue today.

Everything was working perfectly fine for the past 2 days with the Patreon plugin, then suddenly i come home today my readers just told me they can’t access the page no more.

After a little snooping, i noticed my access code and such was different even though i never clicked for a refresh. So what happens to those that pledged during this period when the information got changed? Do my readers lose their money because its in limbo or am i able to chase it back and give them proper access?

You can think of an access code like a password: a password grants access to your account, an access code grants access to your data. You might forget your password one day and no longer have access to your account, but your account and all of its data still exists. The same is true of an access code: the access code may no longer work, so you can no longer access the data, but that data still exists.

No pledges have been lost, because pledges happen on the Patreon website: your website is just reading data from Patreon. As soon as you provide a valid access code everything will continue to function as before.

Did you log in to your website with the same account you use on Patreon? This can cause the access code on your account to be reset. You should update your access code in your website configuration with the new access code shown in the Patreon clients and everything will resume functioning as before :slight_smile:

To avoid this happening again: don’t log in to your website using the Patreon account that owns the campaign used for your website.